Friday, September 14, 2012

Walk, Walk, Walk

It feels like walking is all we have done over the last few days. But we have seen some great stuff. Walking is really the only way to see NY. We started off yesterday with a Wall Street on Foot tour. The tour guide was great. I didn't know Wall Street was called that because of a big wall that was built by the Dutch to keep the English out. New York was called New Amsterdam at the time. The English actually came in by boat so the wall didn't work at all.  So now it is called New York, after the Duke of York that came in with the English. Ahh... the English!!

George Washington
Then time for some quick lunch before seeing Wicked on Broadway. It was soooooo good. To quote Caitlin "If I could watch musicals all day every day I would be very happy". I must say I have to agree. Alex on the other hand caught up on his sleep during the first half. :)

Then it was off to Ido Sushi for a sushi dinner and opera. Great combo. We saw this Sushi restaurant in the New York times and booked while still in Australia, two months ago. The restaurant owner came and introduced himself when we arrived. Then introduced us to the singers. Great night. This night was for me, can't say the rest of my family are into opera but they did grin and bear it. Love them.

Just before our Sushi feast and Opera delights

Katie the opera singer. She was really good.
Then today it was up for another tour of New York city, yet again on foot. This one went to some out of the way places and filled us in on more info. Then we got in some shopping at the a giant outlet store in New Jersey. Got back on the bus carrying multiple bags. The bus was running late and very full so we missed our sailing tour around the city at night. Not to worry getting it in tomorrow night. 

Giant Red Cube sculpture
All the shopping

I think there will be more walking tomorrow. Well I guess that makes up for the food I'm eating. Just don't know if my feet know its good for them. Some much earned sleep now.

Until tomorrow...

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