Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Kawfee and a bagel to go...

Our last day in New York today, well only the first few hours were spent in New York today. Right now we are on the train to Boston. This is definitely the better way to travel, lots of leg room, three chairs together, free WI-FI, and the view is spectacular out the windows.

View of New York City from the train.

Tickets please
Yesterday was our last full day in New York. I must say I have really enjoyed New York this time. When we were here four years ago, I was not a fan. It was Christmas time and there were so many people. Don’t get me wrong, there are heaps of people this time too but not so many tourists (he he). The New Yorkers this time have been so friendly, welcoming and polite. Even the crowded subways have been a joy (almost) to ride.

Crowded Subway
The place we stayed in was an apartment in Harlem. The neighborhood was so cool. Everyone standing on the streets talking to each other, it had such a community feel to it. The apartment was owned by a guy who lived downstairs (we had the second story) and he rented out each floor by the week. That did mean that we had to carry our suitcases up and down two flights of very small and steep stairs. But the guy was really nice and gave us some great tips on shopping and transport etc. Meeting and talking to the locals really gives you a feel for the city. 

Yesterday we started the day with church. We knew a guy from our days back in Adelaide who is running a church on the Upper East Side, so onto the subway we went and finally found it. It was great. Met some really nice people. Then it was back on the subway and to a foot tour of Greenwich Village. I have done up some collages of pictures of the buildings and things we saw on the tour. I took so many pictures I couldn't put them all in here. It was such a lovely place and the tour guide was very informative and funny. Great way to spend a couple of hours. 

Then it was back on the subway and to the Empire State Building. Really a must see. So see it we did. Great views from the top, well the 86th floor anyway. It all looks so different from above. 

View from the 86th Floor

After 6 days of go, go, go we were totally exhausted and came home and collapsed in front of the TV. Watched some football before bed and an early start the next day.

This morning we were up at 6 and out the door to the train at 7am. Said good bye to happy Harlem and boarded the train to Boston. We should arrive there in about 4 hours. Just enough time for a sleep on the train I think. 

And sleep I did. Got a couple of hours of shut eye on the train, then we were in Boston. Got out of the train and saw this great building art. 

We found our great little apartment (little is an understatement) and settled in. Then it was off to explore. We walked through this very moving Holocaust Memorial. I really effected me. They had these 6 huge glass towers covered from top to bottom with numbers. Every one of those numbers represented a life taken during that tragic time. The walk started with a message that if we remember this then we are less likely to repeat it. I hope that is so.

Then we found a great Market. Quincy Market has awesome food and little craft carts. Will be enjoying some of those later this week, I'm sure. Tried my first clam chowda for dinner. Yum!

But none of these! They are all so massive. Do people really eat them?
Until next time…

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