Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New York, New York

Well we have finally arrive in NYC. After a gruelling 30 hours of travel time, very little sleep and bad food, we are here. Woo hoo!!!

Our first stop was Sydney for a few hours waiting for the international flight. So a sight seeing we went. Of coarse the harbour bridge and Opera House were the destination of choice.

Beautiful Sydney weather

View from Breakfast

Then it was on the plane again for the 13 hour leg from Sydney to San Francisco. Unfortunately United Airlines had no televisions in the back of the seats so we had to watch the communal tv and hope you could see all the movie. In the words of Caitlin "This is the most boring flight I have ever been on".  I guess that happens when you have no instagram!!!

Then it was a quick rush through customs (translated 1 1/2 hour waiting in the customs line then a run to catch the flight) and the next leg from San Fran to NYC - 5.5 hours.

First ride in a New York taxi

Ohhh... NY Fire Department

Well as I type this it is 1 am here. 3pm in Brisbane. So its off to sleep for me (hopefully). Here's hoping to no jet lag tomorrow.

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