Friday, May 24, 2013

Shout Out Week - Rocksnpots

Friday already! Our last shout out for the week - Rocksnpots

Last Saturday at the BrisStyle City Hall markets I had the privileged of having a stall near Jan and seeing her fantastic painted rocks first hand. They are so beautiful and lifelike. Pet rocks have come a long way!

How cute is this little guinea pig. Are you sure its just a rock?

 Oliver the cat. This one needs a good home!

I really love turtles, they are one of my favourites. This one never needs to be fed and his tank is easy to clean.

Jan also does pet portraits, painted from a photo of your pet. See her lovely work here.

That is the last one for this week. 
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Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shout Out Week - Wimcee

Keep the handmade coming, I hear you say. Well here's some more. 

Today's Shout Out goes to Stephanie from Wimcee.

Wimcee shop has a great eclectic collection of Tote's, bunting, childrens clothes and more.

 I really love this coloured hat. With winter coming and the weather cooling down, you need something to keep your head warm and what better way to brighten a cold winters day.

 This gorgeous little girls dress would bring a smile to any little princesses face.

I just love this tote made from vintage kimono fabric. Beautiful accessory.

Wimcee has a great Facebook page, why not pop over and say hi.

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Tomorrow - rocksnpots

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shout Out Week - Tatta-rat-scat

Welcome to Wednesday. Time for some more great handmade. Today's shout out goes to 

Evie makes gorgeous hand-made costumes and ethical fashions.

 I love this red and black dress. You can even watch the YouTube video of the method she used to make it. 

And this dress looks like so much fun.

And everyone needs a good red and white striped Onesie. Yes indeed!!

You can find Evie on Facebook and Twitter too. Pop over and say hi.

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Tomorrow - Wimcee

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shout Out Week - Debi M Designs

More handmade goodness today. 

Today's shout out goes to Deb from Debi M Designs and the most beautiful polymer clay creations I have ever seen. These dragons are so cute.  

This one is my favourite. Phoenix is his name and with such a cute face and holding a heart, how can you not love him.

Then there is this little guy. Jackster with his very cute, almost mischievious smile.

And even something if you not into dragons. This great dragon fly will make a lovely wall hanging.

You can catch Deb on Facebook as well.

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Tomorrow's shout out - tatta-rat-scat

Monday, May 20, 2013

Shout Out Week - The Happy Red Dog

I just love handmade, and sometimes its hard to get our name out there. The competition is great. 

So this week I am starting a 'Shout Out Week'. For one week I will pick a great handmade Etsy shop, every day (this week we are local - Brisbane) and do a Shout Out. Let's get handmade noticed.

The first one up is The Happy Red Dog

Zoe makes beautiful Kids Personalized Name Signs & nursery decor ideas and much more. She even takes custom orders. 

I love the great ideas for boys. What little boy wouldn't want this on his door.

This is so sweet. I just love this saying. Great to hang on your nursery wall.

You can follow The Happy Red Dog on twitter and Facebook

Follow this week's Shout Outs on my Facebook page. 

Tomorrow - Debi M Designs

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The home of Rocky

Well we are in Philadelphia. It is really nice here. The weather is a lot cooler but so sunny and nice.

We arrived Saturday and had a little look around. Had a very interesting ride in the taxi to our hotel. The driver was so excited we were Australian. Apparently he loves Australians. Watches the Australian open every year and was very sad when Steve Irwin died. He knew quite a bit about it. Actually he didn't stop talking the whole way, using his hands which was a bit scary seeing he was driving. Good laugh.

Sunday we visited the steps from the famous Rocky movie. Of course we had to run up them and stand at the top, us and every other tourist there. 

The Rocky Steps

Woo hoo... we made it

Go Rocky!!

Then it was off to another football game. This time the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions. Turned out to be a very close game even going into overtime. Unfortunately the Eagles didn't win and the fans were quick to let the players know how they felt. Booing the team off the field didn't seem quite right to me but that's how they roll here.

The line up to get into the game

Our view of the field. Very good.

That's it, we all leave. Some very upset fans.
Monday we are off to see some more of Pennsylvania. 

Until next time...

Monday, October 15, 2012

We are sailing... Across the Ocean, across the Sea

Yep, we were sailing. Our first cruise and oh my gosh, how much fun was it. I think I'm hooked. Definitely must do that again. We started our cruise in Miami, on the Majesty of the Seas. First stop Nassau in the Bahamas, next our own personal island called Coco Cay, then Key West, Florida and back to Miami.

The Majesty of the Sea
Here are some photos of our stops.

First stop - the island of Nassau, Bahamas

Beautiful Beaches

Second stop - Coco Cay. Private Island.

Day at the beach - beautiful!

The last stop was Key West in Florida. I didn't take any photos. We walk around had lunch and an ice cream the day was very hot but nice.

We managed to catch a couple of shows on the cruise as well as as much food as we could eat, and even some we couldn't fit in. Caitlin climbed a rock climbing wall (on the ship), we swam and shopped. We did it all.

Rock Climbing wall on the boat. There's Caitlin up there.

Our room. Big isn't it!

The other half.
Inside the ship

'I'm the king of the world'

We ended the cruise on Friday and spent the day in Miami. Stayed in Miami that night and then headed to Philadelphia. We will be in Philli for the next few days before flying home.


South Beach Miami

Ahhh... Relaxing.

But first, I missed some days. Here is what we did between Norfolk and Virginia Beach and the cruise.


Cool Cemetery

I fell in love with all the doors

Coloured houses

Beautiful old buildings

Random man with snake in the middle of the street.

In Charleston we me up with some friends and went to a college football game. Oh wow. It was so great. I don't remember ever being in an atmosphere like that.

Before the game

The band comes out at half time.

The fans go wild!

Until next time...