Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The home of Rocky

Well we are in Philadelphia. It is really nice here. The weather is a lot cooler but so sunny and nice.

We arrived Saturday and had a little look around. Had a very interesting ride in the taxi to our hotel. The driver was so excited we were Australian. Apparently he loves Australians. Watches the Australian open every year and was very sad when Steve Irwin died. He knew quite a bit about it. Actually he didn't stop talking the whole way, using his hands which was a bit scary seeing he was driving. Good laugh.

Sunday we visited the steps from the famous Rocky movie. Of course we had to run up them and stand at the top, us and every other tourist there. 

The Rocky Steps

Woo hoo... we made it

Go Rocky!!

Then it was off to another football game. This time the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions. Turned out to be a very close game even going into overtime. Unfortunately the Eagles didn't win and the fans were quick to let the players know how they felt. Booing the team off the field didn't seem quite right to me but that's how they roll here.

The line up to get into the game

Our view of the field. Very good.

That's it, we all leave. Some very upset fans.
Monday we are off to see some more of Pennsylvania. 

Until next time...

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