Friday, September 21, 2012

The Freedom Trail

We have been in Boston for 3 days now and it has been very good to us. The weather has been perfect. Let me try and remember what we have done.

We arrived here Monday and that day I talked about last time, Tuesday was a rest day, sort of. We slept in, nice. Then had breakfast/lunch at Joe's American Bar and Grill on the waterfront. Very nice and relaxing. 

View from our table
Then a bit of a walk and explore of the city. Found a lovely little cemetery or burial ground that has a few of the founding fathers buried there. I love looking through old cemeteries so I dragged the family along to take some pictures. 

Then a little stop in Boston Common the oldest park in the middle of the city. Sat by the fountain and watched the pigeons. 

Oh, there is only one pigeon here. I'm sure there were more.

We finished the day with a ride on the subway and dinner in China Town. Yum!

Wednesday we hired a car for our first time, this trip, driving on the wrong side of the road, well just the other side it's not wrong over here. It's just the left turns and roundabouts that get you. So weird!! 

We needed to hire a car because we were heading to New Hampshire for a canopy zip lining tour. If you have never heard of zip lining well you need to try it. So much fun. Basically it's flying across lines, like flying foxes, that are suspended above the tree line and you are just held in by a harness. The longest line we travelled on was 830 feet long and 170 feet high. They have little platforms around the trees and you go from tree to tree on the lines. There were 9 zip lines, 2 suspension bridges (those were a little scary) and 3 repels (where you lower yourself down a rope). I thought I would be more scared but the instructors were very good and once you are up there, if you dont think about the heights the views are breathtaking. 

This took up our whole day as the trip in the car to get there took 2.5 hours and the tour was 3.5 hours. So after the trip home again, it was very late.  New Hampshire is such a pretty state, if we had known about this resort we may have stayed there a day or two, but it was still nice to look at.

Today, Thursday, we started off slow, after the adrenaline rush of yesterday. Found this great place for lunch. When we got there the line was out the door. So they must be good right? The line moved fairly quick and once inside Casa Razdora's we could see why the long line up. Great food but also great service, which we haven't seen a lot of here. These guys were very friendly and happy to help and even checked if we enjoyed it all the while the lines were out the door. This pizza was only half of what we ordered. We had pasta coming too. Obviously we totally underestimated the serving sizes :)

Then after lunch we jumped on a trolley tour of Boston to see the sights, including a couple more old cemeteries and a few old churches. There is so much history here, sometimes it's s bit too much to take in.

Then it was a stop by Quincy's Market for dinner. Clam chowda again for me. LOVE IT! But not before a little silliness!!!

Until next time...

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