Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today I feel so alive...

I feel so alive today (Saturday) because I survived a roller coaster ride that is the tallest in the world (45 stories up) and the fastest in America (210 km/hr). But more on that in a sec. Let's start with yesterday.

Yesterday we started the day at the 9/11 memorial. Wow, how sobering that was. Seeing all those names carved in the granett around the never ending waterfalls that are the size of the foot print of each tower that went down.  Amazing! Just stopping to think that each of those names was an actual person. Wow, it was very moving.

After that we stopped for a famous NY hot dog from a street cart. What can I say, expensive and not very nice. Not sure what they see in them.

Then off to Madam Tussauds. Now that was fun. Had a photo with my mate, Brad. Brad Pitt that is... made sure Angelina wasn't in the shot!! 

They all looked so real. Very cool. We then jumped on a Clipper and sailed down the East River to the Statue of Liberty and back. 

We were actually booked in for another sailing trip at night to see the lights of Manhattan but we all unanimously agreed an early night would be better, we had a big day planned the next day.

And what a big day it had been. Six Flags... biggest amusement park ever!!! 

View of the park as we got off the bus
Like I said before we survived the tallest and fastest. Also had a ride on this very cool wooden roller coaster called the El Toro. It was huge and sooooo much fun. We had such a great day. 

Just before we left. Beautiful sunset.

Caitlin said even when she was sitting still her brain was still moving around. It was a bit like that. So day 6 is over and tomorrow is our last day in the Big Apple before heading out to Boston.

I'll leave you with a few photos of the roller coasters from Alex's instagram. He's the only one that took his camera. If you want to follow him on instagram he is @alexattard.

Till next time...

Batman ride.

El Toro. Old school roller coaster. Seriously cool.

Green Lantern - Ok!

That's the one. Kingda Ka. Tallest and fastest. Ride only lasts 25 seconds. 

Superman ride. We were actually lying down. Loved this one.

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