Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catch Up

I called this entry 'Catch Up' as I have a couple of days to 'catch up' but also today we spent the day 'catching up' with a great friend who used to live in Brisbane. Katie and Thomas moved to Toronto just over a year ago and we haven't seen them since they left so as the trip from Toronto to Washington is not as long as from Toronto to Brisbane they decided to pop on over and see us. So great to catch up. Funny how you see a great friend after a year apart and it seems like you only saw them yesterday. I love that. 

But let me 'catch up' on the last few days...

So Saturday afternoon we arrived in our hotel. Its a hotel this time with breakfast included (first thought is the food). Its very nice.

Then Sunday we headed off to church. It was the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. It was awesome! I could count the white people on one hand. Three of them were us!! Great atmosphere. 

All male choir and boy could they sing.

Then the football on Sunday afternoon. We saw the Washington Redskins play the Cincinnati Bengals. The game was great, I think. From this picture you can see our seats. 

I think that's the field down there!

Yes, they were the cheap ones. Our view of half the field and a big pole show that. The cheap seats meant that everyone around us was more interested in drinking than the game which proved for some added entertainment as a few fights broke out and people were dragged out of the stadium by the police. Had to catch some pictures of that!!

Fight, fight, fight...

Had to wait till the end to see the whole field. Good game though.

The next day, Monday, we had booked a tour of the Capitol Building. Very interesting. Here are a few pics I took.

We got to sit in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Those rooms are so much smaller in real life than they look when they are filled with all those important - running the country - kind of people. Sorry no photos as the security is very strong and no cameras allowed. :(

Some more pics of the Capitol Building and the surrounds.

Library of Congress

Ahhh... maybe it's not that big after all.

Then today was the day we caught up with our friends, and found a great coffee shop that does good coffee, hard to find here. We wandered around George Town, went suit shopping for Alex, lunch at Malaysian restaurant and ice-cream at Ben and Jerry's. All round great day really.

Off to visit some of the Smithsonian's tomorrow.

Until next time...

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