Friday, August 13, 2010

The Life of a Londoner

I thought I would start up this little feature that I will do every now and then. The title is a bit random but what can I say, I'm not that creative :)

Well my sister moved to London a little over a year ago. I didn't want her to go as she was my babysitter, but she left to take on a job of looking after someone else's kids. Her dream job as a nanny.

She started her blog - Memoirs of a T.S.U.N.A.M.I Girl (Thirty Something Uncomplicated Navigationally-challenged And Mostly Independent Girl) before she left Australia and has kept it up all the while she has been away. She takes great photos and I love reading about her exploits, I always told her she should write a book. Although sometimes the little green jealously monster raises it's head when she pops over to Paris for the weekend (as you do) but I am very happy that she is having such a good time.

She is about to leave the job she has had for 12 months and take on another one, this one is even more the dream job. Lucky her.

Well I thought that I would put some snippets and maybe some photos from her blog in here for you to read. You can always head over to her blog and read the whole thing too.

She is an lover of Abba (having just gone and seen Momma Mia, again) and Take That (she's very happy they're back together).

Here's what she said about Mamma Mia.

Mamma Mia

Last night, I went to see Mamma Mia with my friend Lisa and her sister, Mandy. It was brilliant!

I tried my hardest to not sing along to all the songs and embarrass myself, but by the end, I was on my feet, arms in the air, singing along with everyone else.

So much fun!

Check out her blog here.



Bec said...

Thanks, Sarah! So you miss me just cos I was your babysitter, huh...? ;)

Sarah said...

Well that might not be the only reason :)