Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facebook Fans Feature #12

This weeks Facebook Fan Feature is Heather from G W Baby Designs. I popped over to her etsy store and what a great idea. I love her catch phrase on her banner "Do your dirty work in Style" - Boutique Baby Accessories.

I just love the idea of these Boutique Baby wipe cases. How boring are the plain white ones that everyone else has. Why be the same when you could stand out with one of these.

What a great gift these would make for the mum to be.



Taylor said...

awww that is a cute catch phrase... great idea, adorable stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, love your blog design the new blogger templates are great :) I agree, the wipe cases are a great idea - even though I'm not married with kids, lol :)

Heather said...

Thanks so much for all the praise, Sara! I am "behind the game" a little as we gear up for the arrival of our second baby (and the complications that have come along with this pregnancy), so I have somehow just noticed your blog post. So sweet of you to mention my shop! Thank you for all your sweet words!!!

GW Baby Designs