Monday, August 9, 2010

First Virtual Lab on Etsy

Last Friday I did my first Virtual Lab on Etsy. It was great fun. Although it was hard to hear exactly what they were saying as the microphones kept feeding back but the chat that was going on by all the others in the lab was awesome.

The talk was on Craft Blogging. I have had my blog for ... oh just let me check ... since the 3rd of September 2008. Wow time does fly. Anyway moving on. My blogging has been sporadic to say the least and I came away from the Virtual Lab with a renewed sense that I could do more in the blogging world. I actually really enjoy it, its just the time it takes. Same with anything really.

I really learnt a lot of things from other blogger's out there, the ones that have been doing it for years and the ones just starting. I jumped on a whole heap and had a look around, there is some really good stuff out there.

Here are a few I met in the lab. Check them out.

Teal and Tea
Night Owl Craft Works

The Crafty Coop!

There were so many more that I haven't mentioned and I spent the rest of the day reading and following a lot of them. If you would like a list of blogs to follow that would sure appreciate it check out this etsy forum.

Happy Blogging :)


Night Owl Craftworks said...

AWW! Thanks so much for the mention! The lab was tons of fun and got me a bit more motivated also. Like I said in labs, I know what I SHOULD be blogging about... I just have to be disciplined enough to DO it :) If you every need ideas about what to blog, get in touch! I'd be happy to make unsolicited suggestions. Happy blogging!

Sarah said...

You're welcome. Thanks for the offer. I might just take you up on that. Have a great week.