Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Mayo Festival

On Saturday I had the privilege of attending the St Margarets Mayo Festival. This festival is a biennial event at St Margaret's Anglican Girls School, and engages all ages with a range of activities and entertainment including elective workshops and student performances.

The Festival honours the life and career of Daphne Mayo, acclaimed as one of Australia's finest sculptors and acknowledged as an energetic and tenacious advocate of the Arts in Queensland.

The girls had made sculptures and lanterns that appeared around the grounds. They looked great during the day but even better when lit up at night.

I was part of the section of craft stalls that were in the court yard. Also there during the day were other BrisStylers, Teneale - Wicked Child Designs, Sophie - Strat Designs, Carla - Un Cielo, Melinda - Retro Bird, Jane - Perle J, Tree Party Designs and Melanie - Kimono Reincarnate. It was great to be able to catch up with these great ladies.

My stall was next to Jane - Perle J and Carla - Un Cielo, thanks for a great day ladies.

I had my daughter with me all day and she enjoyed watching all the performances during the day the girls put on.

The evening ended with a fantastic concert titled "The Mad Hatters Tea Party". The girls had created some awesome costumes.

The view of the city from my stall just topped off the day. All round a fantastic day. I'm already looking forward to next years.

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Teneale said...

It was an unreal view, wasn't it! Oh I wish I had stayed for the Mad Hatter performance. My little legs couldn't stay up much longer when we left, but am looking forward to their next market too. Glad to see you had a good day.

Teneale x