Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Items in my Etsy Store

Hi all,

It seems like forever since I have been here. Well it has been almost a month. I must get myself more organised. (How many times have I said that to myself).

Anyway what have I been doing. Well I have been busy doing markets, making things and working. The first two have been the most fun. I was at The Handmade Expo a couple of weeks ago and the next one is coming up on the 17th October, so I am busy making more things for that. This weekend is a market at the St Williams church and last weekend my stuff, not me, was at the Mitchelton Farmers Market. Whew. Busy.

I have also been listing some new things in my etsy store. These cute little magnets have been a hit at the markets. I have a whole lot more on the work table that hopefully will be finished soon.

Well I had better get back to work. Or more to the point off to bed. Too many late nights as well.

Also been really working on Twitter and following some really great people. Thanks to all those who are following me, if your not check it out on

Till next time, keep safe and enjoy life.


Bec said...

Like your new things!! And good luck with getting organised...keep chasing that elusive dream!! :-P

(You love me, you know you do!)

Lee-Ann & Lyn said...

Hi! Sarah,
Hope you have a successful Handmade Expo this weekend.
Lee-Ann and I won't be at this one,
hope to see you in November.

Becky DeVries said...

love the sayings, thanks for the follow! tried to click on twitter button and didn't work, would love to follow you.

Sarah said...

Thanks for that Becky. The link was wrong, I just fixed it.