Sunday, October 25, 2009

Facebook Fans Feature #1

I started a facebook page yesterday and promised my first 10 fans a feature on my blog. Here is the first one.

My first fan was ME. Yes I had to become my own fan. But not going to count that so:

The number 1 fan is (drum roll)..... Paula from Kitty and Polly.

Their shop is filled with gorgeous gifts and accessories from Handmade Handbags

this gorgeous clutch is my favourite

and Handmade Homewares

love these set of 5 heart decorations (I love hearts)

Handmade Gifts and Handmade Hair Accessories

Check out their great website here. Kitty and Polly is a treasure trove of gorgeous gift ideas, perfect for birthdays, special occasions or a special treat. Have a brows you'll be glad you did.

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