Friday, July 17, 2009

Blackwood Street Winter Festival

Well I have been up late every night this week, busily stocking up on all my wares. Having just done two markets in a row my supplies were running low. This Saturday 18th July, I am heading down to Blackwood Street in Mitchelton for the first ever Blackwood St Winter Festival.

Should be a fun day/night. Its starting at 3pm and going into the night. They are having market stalls, fabulous food and live entertainment. They are expecting around 10,000 people to come along. Its looking like the weather will be great, if not a little cold. I'll take my scarf and beanie and I'll be right.

I'll try to remember to take my camera this time and post some shots after the fact. Used my camera here and took a shot of my new creations. These great pegs have magnets on the back to hold all your notes to the fridge, very handy.

Till then its back to the crafting and hopefully not another late night.



Bec said...

I would love one of those pegs...a stripey one, hint, hint!! (Shouldn't cost too much to post!)
...if you have any left after the market, that is!

Sarah said...

I do have some left. Do you want the ones in the picture?