Monday, July 20, 2009

Blackwood Street Winter Festival Review

Well the Blackwood Street Winter Festival was a hit. The street was closed off at 3pm, stalls, food vans and rides set up and the people came.

I remembered to take my camera and here is the proof.

There was a good turn out early in the evening but then it got colder and most people went home. It was a really good atmosphere and I think for the first one, very good.

I was talking to the organisers and they are looking at doing a summer one too. And maybe later on an Autumn and Spring as well. I think 4 times a year would be great. Its a really good idea and next time the winter one will start earlier in the day when its still warm, it was very cold as the night wore on.

We all had a good time. Met some great people and had fun.

Great times.

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