Monday, December 15, 2008

America... America


I made it. I'm here.

I haven't blogged for a while as I have had jam packed days. We arrived in Vegas after about 20 hours travel. Surprisingly not too tired. Then managed to squeeze as much as we could into the next 4 days. Saw a magic show and "STOMP". There was so many casinos and lights and woo it was crazy. I must say 4 days was enough for me.

We then jumped on the plane with only a few issues. Like they had changed our flight on us and not told us. So we had to change it back and got the last 5 seats on the plane, and the people behind us in the line didn't make it. Fun.

Got to Jacksonville, Florida and we were there but our bags were not. They missed the connecting flight. Only had to wait an hour as they were coming on the next one, but we got free dinner vouchers because of the inconvenience caused. Woo hoo.

Then we go to Disney World and get on a roller coaster and me and my 9 year old get stuck sideways on the ride when it grinds to a halt mid way though. We have to be escorted off the ride by the attendant after he has extricated us out of the ride. That is the first time I have been stuck on a ride. Luckily we weren't too far off the ground. I did go on it again when it started up. Very exciting.

Well I must go its 1.45 in the morning and I should get some sleep as we have another day at Disney World tomorrow. Hopefully I wont get stuck in any rides this time.

Stay tune for more exciting stuff.


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Bec said...

What an adventure!! That rollercoaster one would have me totally freaked out...hang on, I wouldn't have been on the rollercoaster in the first place! Phew!
Sounds like things are going well. Miss you all - there is no one to talk to ... except Max! Wow, I need a holiday! Only 6 more working days to go.... ;-)