Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Sleeps to Go

Only 4 sleeps to go. Woo Hoo. Can't wait. I finished up work yesterday and now have time to prepare all the packing and stuff. Lots of stuff. I have just had a little think about what I need to take and am already feeling overwhelmed. I hope I don't forget anything. But like I said to my husband, we are not going to a third world country so if we forget anything we can just buy it, right? Hopefully. Anyway I am the queen of the last minute so I have done no packing yet. I will hopefully not leave it till the last minute this time.

There was a time a few years ago when we were going on a trip to Vanuatu. As usual it came to the night before and, you guessed it, not packed. I tried to pack but I ended up spending the night in the toilet throwing up. Not good. I thought after a good nights sleep I would feel better and get up early and pack. We had to leave home by 5.30 am to get to the airport (2 hours away). Well the alarm didn't go off and I woke up at 5.30am when we were supposed to leave. Well we all flew into a panic and packed at the speed of lightning, rushed out the door and started madly calling the airline to tell them we were still coming. We finally made it and it turned out the terminal had checking in issues and they couldn't check us in for another hour, so we ended up being early, so to speak. The lesson to learn here is always leave things to the last minute because it will turn out ok in the end. (I only forgot 2 things in my last minute packing, job well done really) :)


Bec said...

Hmmm! Leave it all to the last minute, hey? ;-)
Make sure you remember those very essential items that you can't live without (and no, I am not talking about me!!) because guaranteed the one thing you forgot, that you really, really need, the US will not have or even heard of and you will feel like a clown trying to explain! (I refer to my experience with the Anti-Static Spray... not one of my favourie US memories!).
But have a great time and I promise the chooks will still be here when you get one way or another!! ;-)

Sarah said...

What is that story about. I cant remember.