Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My friend the Snake.....Not

While I'm here I might as well fill you in on the episode that happened in our house last night.

Well I came home to discover my daughter (9) sobbing and my husband out the back yard with a long stick poking something in the chicken coop. It turns out that my daughter, whose bedroom is closest to the chickens had heard a strange noise and had gone outside to investigate. She went inside the chicken coop to see her favourite chicken being strangled by a rather large python. She quickly called my husband who, very bravely grabbed a large stick and started poking it.

There was nothing we could do for the chicken, she was dead. We then had to watch this snake attempting to eat the chicken. My daughter went to bed fighting dreams of snakes attacking her, while I got a large box and put it over the snake with the chicken in its mouth. I thought I would leave it there till the morning and then call a snake catcher to take it away.

Well it escaped and now is on the run, who knows where. I tried to call a snake catcher but he said I have to know where it is first and if I could can I please locate it in working hours as that is less inconvenient.

So we have a large python on the loose and two more chickens for it to come and eat. If anyone knows how we can lour this snake into a trap and take it away I would love to hear from you.

So I will keep you updated. Hopefully we will find the snake before anything else has to die and live happily every after.

Or something like that.

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