Monday, November 24, 2008

Concert Dress

Yesterday I made a dress for my 9 year olds end of year Australian Girls Choir concert. She had to have a knee length white dress, and could I find one in the shops. NO. All the fashions are short. I couldn't find any dresses or skirts that were longer than a wide belt.

So it was off to the fabric store to get some material and make a dress. I haven't followed a dress pattern in years. I can make quilts and things but dresses are a whole different ball game. I thought, this will be easy, nothing to it. So I got a pattern that said, EASY, "Make in one hour". Who were they kidding. Five hours later I think its almost finished. I don't know who writes those patterns but seriously, do they think that normal everyday people can understand them. Well maybe they can but I couldn't.

But its done and doesn't look too bad. I am thinking it needs a bit of tweaking though. That's were my creative thinking kicks in. It needs something else. I have a few ideas. Just need the time to make them happen. I need it finished in a week and half. When I'm done I'll take a photo so you can all see my work of art. LOL. :)

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Bec said...

Just put a bit of lace on nana used to say!!