Sunday, January 18, 2009

40th Wedding Anniversary

Not my 40th wedding anniversary, although I am coming up to my 16th. But my mum and dads. Its a bit of a mile stone in today's era. 40 years is a long time to be with one person and lots of people don't make it. But my mum and dad did and they still like each other. That's saying something.

Well my sister and I threw them a party. We went all out. Had a high tea at my house with about 40 guests. Invited my dads sisters from Melbourne as a surprise, you have to be careful with surprises at their age. But they survived. Thankfully.

They had a great time and we finished off the surprise with a trip to New Zealand for them. They have never left the country so we figured it was time they did, its a one way trip. Only kidding we want them to come back. They were very surprised. Even if the surprise was almost ruined by my nana.

Today was clean up day and it took a while but the house looks like normal and the left overs have been eaten by hungry church goers this morning. My two Aunties are flying home tomorrow and had a great time.

Over all a great weekend.

I really must write something about our holiday some time. But I have hit the ground running and I will get there eventually.

Bye for now.

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