Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip Away

We have just returned from a trip to Adelaide. Went to a conference and while we were there got in some visits with family and friends. Must say it made me happy to be living in Brisbane. It was cold down there.

While we were away out hot water system blew up. Isn't that always the way, things like that only happen when you go away. Lucky there was someone at home to turn off the water before we had a flood on our hands as well as no hot water. Called the plumber and he changed it over the next day. Which meant we had hot water again when we got home.

The joys of being a house owner.


A Few of my Favourite Things #5

It's been a while since the last favourite things post.

Before our trip to Adelaide we had a BrisStyle catch up and I was lucky enough to meet some very nice and interesting people. One of them was the owner of Not Sew Shabby Etsy store. So this favourite things post I thought I would feature her lovely store.

She is having a BIG SALE UP TO $15 HAS BEEN SLASHED OFF ALL BAGS TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW STOCK!. So hop on over to her store and check it out. Here are some of the lovely things she has on sale there.

Baby Frillies

Pillow Case Dress

Betsy Moda Pink Bag

Belle Bliss Bag - Roses

Bridget Bag Red Flower

Check out her cool blog at

Also follow her on twitter