Monday, October 26, 2009

Facebook Fans Feature #2

Today I am featuring my second Facebook Fan.

Number 2 is ..... Sandra from Divine3Designs

Divine3Designs has Fine Artisan Jewelry handmade using Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass Gemstones, Dichroic Glass etc. Many are "One of a Kind"! Check out all the lovely items at her etsy store here.

Right now she is including a FREE pair of earrings with every order. How exciting is that. Love a free gift.

You can keep up with all the latest on her Blog, which is full of great photos, how to's and give aways.

Here are a few more of my favourite items.

Hop over to her etsy store today and check it out.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas 9 Weeks to Go

Just under 9 weeks till Christmas and that means 9% off everything in my etsy store, including shipping.

Great new items being listed all the time, check it out while the dicounts are still big. Each week they will get lower and lower.

When there is only 7 weeks to go I'm going to have a give away. Stay tuned for that. Ohh how exciting, love a give away.

Facebook Fans Feature #1

I started a facebook page yesterday and promised my first 10 fans a feature on my blog. Here is the first one.

My first fan was ME. Yes I had to become my own fan. But not going to count that so:

The number 1 fan is (drum roll)..... Paula from Kitty and Polly.

Their shop is filled with gorgeous gifts and accessories from Handmade Handbags

this gorgeous clutch is my favourite

and Handmade Homewares

love these set of 5 heart decorations (I love hearts)

Handmade Gifts and Handmade Hair Accessories

Check out their great website here. Kitty and Polly is a treasure trove of gorgeous gift ideas, perfect for birthdays, special occasions or a special treat. Have a brows you'll be glad you did.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feature In Notebook Magazine

A couple of months ago I received an email from a stylist from Notebook Magazine, asking if she could borrow some of my clothespin (peg) fridge magnets to photograph for Notebook. After I thought about it for days and considered all my options - just kidding I replied straight away with a big YES. Well I did try and be a little more professional than that.

Anyway after purchasing every Notebook for the next few months I finally saw it in there. Its on page 116 of this months Notebook Magazine. My pegs are sold in sets of 3 but only one is displayed in the photo. It is at the very top holding the pages together. Its not very big but something I made has made it into a national publication. Woo hoo. Very excited. My details are also at the top of the stockists lists under the photo and listed again on the stockist page at the back. Can't complain about that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Market Day

My stall just after set up.

Last Saturday a great day was had by all at The Handmade Expo. The weather was perfect, people were friendly and there was no wind this time. Woo hoo.

I had the previledge of being next to some fantastic people. On my left was Natalie from "Rod n Lil". Check out her etsy store here. She has some lovley childrens clothes and accessories. This is her at her stall with my daughter. (She just had to jump in the picture).

On the right was Nyssa from "Surrealdesign".Check out her website. She also makes lovely childrens clothes and accessories but both are very different.

It was a great day and thank you ladies for making the time fly by with excellent conversation and laughter.

Oh and yes there were some customers there to and some great purchases were had by all.

See you next market in November. Check out The Handmade Expo blog for all the news.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Bit of Culture

Last week I had my dose of culture. Thursday night I had the previlege of seeing Il Divo perform live. They are so fantastic I was on the edge of my seat all night. What awesome voices they have.

Then last night I was off to the opera. Yes the opera. I loved it. It was opening night of Rigoletto and I was lucky enough to get into the after party. Wow I feel so posh now. Yes I do have class. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lets Be Part Of a World Record Attempt

Tomorrow I am heading off to The Handmade Expo in Ipswich. This month though is a little different. We are have a world record attempt for the most people doing Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes. What a hoot! How much fun will that be. I love doing that just by myself (don't tell anyone else that) but how much better with 1400 other people. If you want to be part of the fun head on down to the Ipswich Turf club around lunch time for all the excitement.

But if you would rather have a relaxing day looking at fantastic handmade goodies come down from 8am and have a wonder around. There are so many great stalls and some fantastic people.

I have been busy making lots of new goodies for my stall so stop by and have a chat.

Check out The Handmade Expo Blog.

I'm off to practice, heads and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes. Heads and shoulders knees and toes we all clap hands together....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Count Down to Christmas - SALE

Its only 10 weeks till Christmas. Wow is it just me or did this year go really fast.

I have decided to have a COUNT DOWN TO CHRISTMAS Sale in my Etsy store.

What does that mean, I hear you ask?

Well every week I will be giving a percentage off all purchases that corresponds with how many weeks till Christmas. So this week its 10% and next week it will be 9% and so on.

Discount will be off the total cost of item and postage. So the quicker you buy the more you save. Refunds will be processed through Paypal after purchase.

Follow me on twitter @designsofheart to keep to date with the savings.

Check out my new items that I am adding all the time. I am working on some Christmas items so keep your eyes out for them.

Have a great day and remember, the world really is wonderful. :)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Items in my Etsy Store

Hi all,

It seems like forever since I have been here. Well it has been almost a month. I must get myself more organised. (How many times have I said that to myself).

Anyway what have I been doing. Well I have been busy doing markets, making things and working. The first two have been the most fun. I was at The Handmade Expo a couple of weeks ago and the next one is coming up on the 17th October, so I am busy making more things for that. This weekend is a market at the St Williams church and last weekend my stuff, not me, was at the Mitchelton Farmers Market. Whew. Busy.

I have also been listing some new things in my etsy store. These cute little magnets have been a hit at the markets. I have a whole lot more on the work table that hopefully will be finished soon.

Well I had better get back to work. Or more to the point off to bed. Too many late nights as well.

Also been really working on Twitter and following some really great people. Thanks to all those who are following me, if your not check it out on

Till next time, keep safe and enjoy life.